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We collaborate with experts to develop saleable, solid manuscripts; write narrative and descriptive materials;
and copyedit all manner of text, from marketing to scholarly writings, according to varied style guides.

We are accustomed to managing subcontractors and have guided numerous projects from concept to completion, across many media, including print (books and magazines), audio (recorded programs and live talk radio), and electronic (World Wide Web and multimedia on compact disc).

Whether you’re writing your third bestseller for one of the big houses in New York, self-publishing your first book, or crafting articles for trade magazines, a lively give and take with a collaborator can be indispensable. Offering a seasoned eye and an understanding ear, Just Write can guide you step by step from query letter to proposal to completed manuscript to final publication, offering everything from consulting to editing to project management.

Anthony Robbins endorses Just Write

The ideal relationship between a publisher and a freelance professional is productive and profitable for both. With books and multimedia creations, their mutual objective is to deliver the consumer the highest quality product in the most cost-effective manner. Just Write helps fulfill this need with fast, efficient, and accurate assistance for whatever level of service you require, including creative writing and rewriting, copyediting, proofreading, and indexing.

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Persuading hundreds or even thousands of people in an audience can seem a daunting, solitary task… unless you are supported by a team who cares not only about your presentation but also about you and your message. When developing books from spoken word recordings, writing audio or video scripts, outlining speeches, or creating spin-off products, Just Write can be an integral part of your creative process, developing good concepts into great ones and helping you express your ideas with accuracy, personality, and flair.

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Refining an image, researching market segments, preparing reports, coordinating the production of collateral materials … In doing all of these, marketing specialists can hold the success or failure of a client or product in their hands, so assembling the right team is a must. Providing all levels of editorial assistance, Just Write is your own personal editorial staff, from research department to grammatical "clean-up crew" to creative collaboration.

In large corporations and nonprofit charities, an in-house communications department is the vital link between the organization and the public, media, and potential customers. When it's time to make proposals, write press releases, or finalize ad copy, an impartial eye is essential. Just Write affords you a fresh approach and an intelligent perspective to ensure dynamic communication that gets results.


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