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Fees listed below are approximate and may change with the scope of the project and the expertise of the editor assigned to your job. Contact us to receive an estimate, provided free of charge.

Writing, $150/hour
Bring your concept into the written word through interviews and brainstorming sessions. We prepare drafts for approval and work with you until you're ready to publish. Authors frequently provide us with reference material, such as audiotapes or notes, and we gather further research to support their ideas. Our focus is on producing quality manuscripts that reflect your voice, content, and style.

Consulting and Author Coaching, $150/hour
Receive guidance and opinions about your best options for publication, including discussion of platform development, marketing, agents, publishers, and the entire publishing process, whether you pursue traditional or self-publishing.

Nonfiction Book Collaboration (Ghostwriting)
Prices are based on length, complexity, publishing and marketing goals, schedule, research required, and type of writing and collaboration process. (See description of writing services, above.)

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Nonfiction Book Proposal, $8,000-10,000
Create a package that will make it hard for agents and publishers to say no. We prepare your pitch/query letter, project overview (including title), target audience/marketing plan, author biography, outline/chapter-by-chapter summaries, analysis of competitive works, and up to two sample chapters.

Editing & Reviewing/Critique, $80-100/hour
Get a "soup to nuts" review of your manuscript’s quality, focused on effectiveness of communication to the intended audience. We suggest alternative constructions and syntax, as well as perform the services of copyediting as described below. (This service is sometimes called "developmental" or "substantive" editing.) May also include written assessment of your manuscript’s organization, titling, voice, point of view, character development, and/or plot.

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Project Coordination, $60/hour
Let us handle all the production details required to move your project from concept to completion. We coordinate all aspects of project implementation, including but not limited to supervising subcontractors such as designers, illustrators, copyeditors and vendors; securing permissions, copyright registration, and ISBN/ASIN; creating deadlines and monitoring milestones.

Research, $50/hour
Gain additional sources or new information to help shape your thesis, theme, and message. We conduct targeted and thorough searches for credible citations and provide you with summaries of our findings, along with full bibliographic information.

Translation and Subtitling, $50/hour
Bring your message and material to a new audience: we recast your Spanish documents or recordings so that they read as if they were originally written in English. Our translator is a native English speaker with a master's degree in Spanish and many years' experience teaching the language. As a result, you get nonliteral (not word for word) conversion to English using correct idiomatic expression.

Copyediting, $40-50/hour
Avoid writing traps, crutches or errors and have the option to correct them. We can mark your manuscript either electronically or the old-fashioned way, by hand. We fix wordy or unclear phrasing; query possible logic flaws; ensure consistency of editorial style throughout the project; and correct errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage.

Indexing, $35-65/hour
Give readers a guide to the key places, people, and principles in your document. We can create a highly detailed index cataloging every mention, or one that focuses only on significant entries.

Proofreading, $35/hour
Have your document reviewed one last time for any remaining mistakes prior to sending files to their final destination, whether that's posting online or printing. We correct grammar, punctuation, typographic, and spelling errors.

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