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Special reports and Free Stuff

Just Written Special Reports: Use our secure server to order these in-depth guides written by Just Write partners Victoria St. George and Karen Risch. If you hire us to work on any aspect of your project, we’ll credit your account for the cost of any special report(s) you purchase.

get adobe readerPlease note: The downloadable reports on this page are provided as PDF files which require Adobe Reader to view. Click on the link to download Reader for free.

For Your Safety: We never share or sell your information with anyone else.

Special report 1

Bound for Success: Choose the Best Way to Get Your Book Published
What’s Right for You? When should you start thinking about how your book will be published? Now! It’s never too early. Get the inside scoop on the benefits and drawbacks of self-publishing versus selling your manuscript to a publisher. We compare process, estimate costs, and discuss rewards.

Includes itemized estimates and a glossary.
(Special Report #1, Oct. 2002) $29.95

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Special report 2

Make It a No-Brainer for Agents and Publishers To Say Yes!
10 Do’s and Don’ts for Book Proposals: We reveal what to do and what to avoid in pitching your nonfiction book. Our tips help you write a great proposal, get it in front of the right people, and have them say yes. Use it as a primer before you start and a checklist when you’re done.

(Special Report #2, Oct. 2002) $14.95

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Free Stuff!

How to Sell Your Books, Audio Programs, Seminar Content, and Other Intellectual Property On the Internet by Paul and Layne Cutright (HeartWired Internet Mentoring). An introductory guide to expanding or completely retooling your business to feature an e-commerce component: a must-read for anyone considering a content-driven, online marketing strategy.

A $24.95 value FREE for visitors to because Paul and Layne are long-time clients of ours and they want to share their step-by-step process for success on the Internet with other authors, artists, visionaries and messengers.

Briefcase: Short how-to articles and guides
  • "Self-Publishing Checklist." The guide we use to manage our clients' projects . . .
  • "Proofreading and Copyediting Marks." A guide to deciphering the hieroglyphics . . .
  • "Copyright Basics." One of the most common questions we're asked is what authors must do to protect their work . . .
  • "Working With Editors Made Easy." She called us at 4:30 on Friday afternoon, frantic for some assistance . . .
Think Pieces: Opinions and editorials
  • "Rewriting Our Reality." Why write? I've often asked myself that question. At times it seems as if there's nothing on earth that's more frustrating, more sweaty, with so little to show for my efforts . . .
  • "Things That Make Me Go 'Hmmm.' " What's fascinating to me is how technology will change the way we think . . .
  • "Truth or Beauty?" When my son Joel was seven, a fifth grader told him there was no Santa Claus . . .
  • "The Author's Advocate." There is nothing I respect more than the creativity of the author . . .
  • "Toward a Common Cause." Partnership is the name of our game. In 1995, we realized that the key element in the services we provide . . .
Spotlights on Service: Explanations of what we do
  • "Developmental Editing." Not every writer can edit well, and certainly not every editor can write well . . .
  • "Production and Project Management." Like many creative efforts, a book, whether it's a multimedia compact disc or a printed publication, often represents the collaboration of a host of "behind the scenes" people . . .
  • "Copyediting Vs. Proofreading." Copyediting and proofreading appear to mesh seamlessly during the publication process, yet their functions are separate and distinct . . .
  • "Publication Consultation." "Would anyone publish an article like this?" "What do I need to do to secure an agent?" . . .
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